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How to unblock chakras with tarot

One of the best ways to find out which of your chakras is blocked, is by having a reiki session. However, there are other ways.

I like to combine a reiki session with a tarot reading to get more information about the nature of the blockage.

Here's a reading I did on myself to demonstrate how you can gather information about the nature of the blockage affecting your own chakras.

On this occasion, I decided to select two cards for each chakra; one from the Modern Witch Tarot Deck, and another from the Moonology Oracle Cards, which compares situations in our lives to phases of the moon.

Base - The Hermit & New Moon Closed

The Hermit suggests that self-care and time alone is needed to get this chakra rebalanced. This chakra is all about having your basic needs met and feeling a sense of security. The New Moon suggests that time alone to ponder will clear the way for a hopeful and new beginning.

Sacral - The Tower & Full Moon in Leo Closed

The Tower suggest this chakra is clearing the way for a creative overhaul, as this is the centre for creativity and sexuality. The Full Moon in Leo indicates a fiery and creative urge, but tension between mine and others’ needs. It also warns to keep my ego in check.

Solar plexus - The Lovers & New Moon in Taurus Open

The Lovers indicates harmony and self-love, as this chakra is about self-esteem and confidence. It’s usually about a relationship with a partner, but in this case, I think its about the relationship with myself. New Moon in Taurus is about new-found prosperity and security, and a strong sense of hope.

Heart - Ace of Cups & New Moon in Pisces Open

Ace of Cups suggests a new emotional beginning, or a spiritual awakening. The heart chakra is about compassion for ourselves and others, so watery cups indicating emotions, are a good sign. New Moon in Pisces reinforces this theme of emotional openness - a typical trait of this sign.

Throat - The Sun & Full Moon in Aries Open

The Sun is the most positive card you can get, so indicates healthy expression. This chakra isn’t just about verbal communication, but written or artistic expression too. Full Moon in Aries indicates that my communications are fully-formed and fiery at the moment. Fire in tarot and astrology represent creativity and passion.

Third Eye - Four of Swords & Full Moon in Taurus


Uh-oh! Four of Swords indicates that I am stressed, tired and not sleeping well, which I can attest to. The Third Eye is the window to the mind, as well as visualising and realising our dreams. Full Moon in Taurus suggests that my dreams need turning into a practical plan.

Crown - Eight of Wands & Full Moon in Gemini


Eight of Wands indicates news and messages coming quickly, but as it is reversed, a blockage is suggested. The Crown is the spiritual centre, so a revelation is on its way, albeit delayed. The communicative Full Moon in Gemini promises the answers are coming, and warns that my words have power, so I should be careful how I wield them. Want to see how a distance reiki treatment and/or tarot reading could help balance your chakras? Get in touch today.

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