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I started doing tarot readings professionally at fairs in Sheffield in February 2018, including regular appearances at Peddler food market in Kelham Island.

Though I am an intuitive reader, I believe that a deep knowledge and understanding of the tarot is just as important. I have a Tarot Diploma from the Centre of Excellence, and am always doing training courses to sharpen my psychic skills.


As well as giving tarot readings at events, I do online readings from my home over Zoom, or visit clients homes for face-to-face readings.

Tarot readings help individuals reflect on issues affecting them mentally and emotionally, and can be very insightful when combined with Reiki. See my Reiki page for more details.

Tarot cards are a great counselling tool to consult when you want advice on all kinds of issues, from relationships, to money and careers. Tarot readings present you with possible options and outcomes so you can feel more empowered and ready to face anything life throws at you.

Whether you want to book me for a private party or one-to-one reading, get in touch to find out more.

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