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Tarot FAQs

Many clients feel anxious about their first tarot reading. This is totally understandable. New experiences can be scary, and it doesn’t help that tarot has had a few hundred years of bad press to contend with!

So, when I sit down with a new client, I like to give them the opportunity to ask questions. It breaks the ice, gives me a chance to debunk some myths, and helps puts them at ease.

Below are 8 questions I frequently get asked by new clients and (what I hope are) some reassuring answers. Please bear in mind, these are just my opinions, and other tarot readers’ views may vary.

1. Can you tell me when I’m going to die?

This is by far the most frequently asked question! I don’t think they are asking me to find out, but checking that it won’t spontaneously come up in their reading. The simple answer is no. The long answer is, that even if I had that ability, it would be highly unethical to tell a client when they are going to die.

A medium once told me that spirit would never share that kind of information with us anyway. I should add the disclaimer that tarot readers, psychics, mediums and other spiritual professionals are not doctors. While they may suggest ways to improve your physical and mental health, they are not qualified to give you medical advice.

2. Are you going to tell me my future?

I give past, present and future readings, but the future is not set in stone. So, while I can tell you what is likely to happen, you are in the driving seat of your life. I believe in helping clients ask the cards questions that will empower them to make the best decisions and take actions to create the future they want.

Saying that, some situations are external, out of your control and may still happen to you regardless (and that may come up in your reading), but let’s concentrate on what you can do to get the best outcome.

3. How does it work?

I believe that it’s a combination of my knowledge and intuition that allows me to give accurate readings. I also believe that there is an external spiritual force that is working through me. So, before I start, I like to ask any spirit guides, angels or beneficial energies to guide the cards for your highest good.

I then get clients to ask a question or think of an issue while shuffling the cards. If I am doing the reading online, I get them to tell me when to stop shuffling so they have some kind of contact with the cards. Even if the client doesn’t believe in spiritual forces guiding the cards, I think everyone can use the cards as a counselling tool to help them reflect on issues in their lives.

4. Do I have to ask a question?

Ideally. The more specific the question, the clearer the answer will be. If you don’t have a question, it helps if you have a particular area of your life in mind such as, your career, love/relationships or health.

Some clients like to just see what comes up. This is also fine. The most important issues in your life should reveal themselves, but I find that these readings are a lot more general and provide the broad strokes of a few issues rather than going in depth about one issue.

5. Should I tell you what my issue is?

You don’t have to, but I personally prefer to know the area of concern (or get a sense of how you’ve been feeling if you want a general overview) so we can cut to the chase. I’ve had people not tell me in an attempt to test me. I work it out, but some card combinations could mean a few things. It’s like being a psychic detective sometimes as you are combining all the clues from the cards, plus engaging your gut instincts.

These kinds of people tend to be skeptics and close themselves off before we even begin. I can tell when someone isn’t open and it makes me have to work extra hard and these readings tend to be a lot less helpful. This then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for the client that “Tarot readings don’t work!”

6. Are you a medium or a psychic?

Many mediums and psychics use tarot cards, but most can divine with anything and sometimes need no prompts whatsoever. I’m certainly not a medium (although I’ve had my moments!) and I wouldn’t call myself psychic (although I am clairsentient) because people would have a certain expectation.

I don’t want people to come to me for readings because they want me to put on a magic show or because they want to be entertained by what I know about them. I want them to come for a reading because, while they want to engage with spirit guides or other energetic forces, they ultimately want advice.

As I’ve said previously, tarot for me is a counselling tool. However, I might add that I am not a qualified counselor either. The title of Tarot Reader therefore sets the right level of expectation, I hope!

7. What’s the worst card?

Probably, The Tower (major upheaval such as loss of a job or break-up) and Three of Swords (betrayal or heart-break). But I am a silver linings kind of reader and will always tell you the positive side to a traditionally negative card. So, don’t be scared if either card comes up – there is always a way forward.

8. What’s the best card?

You may be pleasantly surprised to hear there are loads of positive cards. I’d say the best ones are The Sun (vitality, happiness), The Star (hopes and dreams), The World (is your oyster), 10 of Cups (happy family life).

Get in touch if you have any more questions of your own or would like to book an online or in-person appointment.

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