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Mystic Monday Tarot Reading: 28th June 2021

Welcome to your fortnightly astrology tarot advice column! Dished out every other Monday, look up your sun sign and see what the next 14 days has in store for you.

Today, I’ve asked the cards to give you all some career advice…


Your career card is Four of Cups, which means you’re feeling a bit fed up! Perhaps you have been giving your all at work or applying for jobs and getting no joy. So now an opportunity is within reach, but you are so down in the dumps, you can’t see it. The advice here is Seven of Cups, which says to me, that you’ll have to keep working behind the scenes to get closer to your goals. Maybe you are burning the candle at both ends after work hours with a side business or project? Keep going!


Does work feel a bit hit and miss at the moment? The Wheel of Fortune suggest you go through busy/successful periods, followed by difficult/quiet periods where hardly any clients come through your door. This time is about embracing the ups and downs. Don’t worry if you are going through a difficult phase, a lucky period is sure to follow soon. The advice is Six of Swords, meaning you should leave a bad situation behind and embrace calmer, new ventures. You will either leave a work-related problem behind or find a brand-new career opportunity soon.


It’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks, Gemini! The World card predicts that either you will be travelling as part of your work, or some amazing opportunities will open up your world of work. This card also signals the end of a project or long slog, so it’s time to reap some rewards. However, the advice is Seven of Wands, so you have to be prepared to fight for what you want. Perhaps you are in competition with others for the same job or promotion, or someone at work is questioning your methods and you must defend yourself.


Knight of Wands suggests you are gathering your energies and are ready to push ahead at work or with a side business project. You seem to be going through a give-it-your-all or nothing phase so it’s great that you’re getting fired up and ready for action. The advice card is Queen of Wands. This Queen is glowing with energy, confidence and positivity. But as advice, I think this card is saying keep on with this super charged energy and you’ll be moving up in no time. People don’t always see the work that goes into this calm and collected exterior.


Your career card is Knight of Pentacles, which means you are starting to see the rewards for your efforts at work. This seems to be a new project, that is already showing results. If you have a side business, that sells goods or services, it seems to be literally paying off. The advice is Ace of Cups, which is telling you to embrace this new beginning in your work life. This new career venture or project will be fulfilling in an emotional – and even spiritual – sense. This isn’t just a way to make money, but your calling.


Eight of Pentacles tells you to keep hammering away, Virgo! You might not be doing the most exciting work, but the more you do, the more it pays off. So, it’s just a matter of steadily getting on with it for the next couple of weeks. The Page of Pentacles predicts that a financial or training opportunity is on its way, so look out for it and grab it with both hands. You may pick up a new skill that will help you move up the career ladder in your current field, or think of an idea to create extra income.


Things are going to start happening quickly in your career over the next two weeks, Libra! You might get some news or work-related opportunity out of the blue. Whatever it is, it means working at a much faster pace and you’ll need your energy. As the Queen of Wands represents the feminine traits of this fire card, she advises you to follow your instincts during this time. Remember that you are upbeat, courageous and determined. She may even represent a woman you look up to or work with. Follow her example – perhaps she has more valuable advice for you.


The Hermit card tells Scorpions that now is a time to think things through - not to act. This card is about taking a step back and reassessing. What kind of career do you want? Is it time to change direction? It’s not the time to quit your job on a whim, so keep your work ticking along while you work out what is next. The advice is Ace of Swords, which is about cutting through the crap and seeing things clearer. Once you have thought things through, you will be clearer on what you want and have a new perspective.


Your career card is Four of Wands – a very positive card which signals an abundant time. You should be feeling financially comfortable, or at least so happy at home, you want for nothing at the moment. Work may or may not be satisfying but the result is that it has enabled you to enjoy your home life. Perhaps you have simply got the home/life balance just right. The advice is to keep plodding along at work. It may not be varied but the harder you work, the more it pays off.


Like Scorpio, your career card is The Hermit this week, Capricorn. But unlike Scorpio, I think this card is about keeping your head down at work. This is because the accompanying card is The Devil. This gives me the feeling that some drama or difficult situation is about to kick off at work. In this context, I think this card is telling you to play Devil’s Advocate, and look at things from both sides. However, try to keep the peace and not pick a side. The Devil may also warn of unhealthy habits like being addicted to your work.


The King of Wands suggests opportunities to step up and be a leader. Perhaps you already are a manager or team leader, or this could be a very new role. Either way, you are ready and equipped with fiery energy and the skills to do this well. This also suggests that you are a charismatic and inspiring leader too – one who welcomes creativity and bright ideas. Your advice is Justice, which suggests that you are finally getting what you deserve. This card could also be advising you to remain a fair leader, who uses both their head and their heart.


Your career card this week is Eight of Wands. It looks like you are ready to move in a new direction, Pisces. You may feel you’ve gone as far as you can in your current job, and now you are looking for pastures new. However, if you are happy where you are, maybe you are just ready to shake things up with a new approach to your work. Either way, the Judgement card suggests that this is going to give you a new lease of life. The advice is to follow that inner calling – you are destined for so much more.

That's all for now - check back here for love tarot readings on Monday 12th July.

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