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Mystic Monday Tarot Reading: 14th June 2021

Welcome to your fortnightly astrology tarot column! Dished out every other Monday, look up your sun sign and see what the next 14 days has in store for you.

Today, I’ve asked the cards to give you all some love advice…


Temperance is your obstacle, meaning the balance is off. Either your partner or potential suitor is trying harder, or you’re struggling to balance your work and love life. If you’re single, you may be neglecting dating. This is fine, as long as you don’t block out a potentially good match. However, Four of Wands tells me there is an opportunity to enjoy more harmony at home and create a stable environment for love to grow. Your advice is to be open to a World of possibilities. Opportunities – love and otherwise - are flying at you right now. Welcome them in.


Nine of Pentacles is usually a positive card, but interestingly, it is the obstacle. Are you feeling so blissfully content that you are waiting for the other shoe to drop? There is joy in your love life, but also an undercurrent of feeling unsettled. Five of Swords hints that there may have been a fall out recently, but that the time has come to lay down your swords and enjoy the peace. You love sensory pleasure, Taurus, so enjoy just that. You will feel more grounded and like yourself surrounded by nature. How about a date in the park?


Eight of Cups indicates that you need some head space. See how he is walking away in the card? This isn’t a bad thing. We need time to reconnect with our own needs as well as our partners’. If you are single this will be simple to do. However, Ace of Cups tells me that a new relationship or a new and emotionally fulfilling stage in your relationship is developing. Perhaps you just need to collect yourself before taking that next step. Maybe you worry about being tied down. Eight of Swords says thought ribbons aren’t as tight as you think.


Four of Pentacles tells me you are closing off your heart or grabbing on too tightly because you feel insecure, Cancer. This is a common reaction, as crabs are hard on the outside and soft in the middle! However, this could ironically drive your partner or potential suitor away. Loosen your grip, and he/she will have the opportunity to be your knight in shining armour. The Knight of Cups is offering his emotions. The advice is to see the big picture. Look beyond your short view. Plan for the future and dare to get serious with an existing partner.


Ten of Pentacles says, don’t carry your burdens alone. If you have a partner, let them help you with your load. If you are single, you may have unresolved emotional issues from a past relationship that you are still carrying around. Queen of Swords (a real person or figurative influence) is giving you a chance to cut the crap. Take a clear and rational view and let your head help your heart. The advice is Two of Swords, which means you aren’t seeing things clearly. Take off the blind fold and let love in. Engage your head and heart.


Page of Pentacles says you have challenges but you are facing them head on. If you are single, you are enjoying your independence at the moment. Your head seems to be more engaged with work related issues than love though. Right now, you seem self-possessed. You are just as happy chilling by yourself, as you are with a partner. King of Pentacles tells me you enjoy the comfort of the sofa or having a drink in the garden right now. Knight of Wands advises to either get creative or to look out for a potential partner who will spark your fire.


Two of Wands indicates you feel like you are holding the world in your hands, and though it’s exciting, it is also heavy. This card is about weighing up options and planning the future. Have you come to a crossroads in your love life? Ten of Swords is giving you an opportunity to leave the past behind and start a brand-new chapter. You may have had a difficult relationship or challenging dating life, but it is always darkest before the dawn! The Fool advises you to take a leap of faith – trust that it will all work out for the best.


The World indicates that you are enjoying being back out flirting, if you are single, and having some dates out, if you are taken. However, you still feel a bit restricted. Just concentrate on what you can do. King of Swords says you have an opportunity to clear your head and think about what you really want. The King may even represent a mentally stimulating potential partner, who you are really enjoying talking to at the moment. Six of Pentacles advises that relationships are about give and take. You get what you give, but it is also important to gratefully receive.


Ace of Swords indicates a new start or fresh perspective on your existing relationship. However, if you are about to start a new relationship, have you been clear about your intentions and what you want? Nine of Swords signals some anxiety which has been plaguing you. It may even have been robbing you of sleep. But you have an opportunity to finally put these anxieties to bed so you can enjoy your love life fully. The Knight of Pentacles tells me that if you work through your issues (love or other kinds), you will be rewarded for your efforts.


Three of Wands is your obstacle, which means you are reassessing your life goals and how love fits in. Is there a lot to process before you can even begin to plan a future with your partner? If you are single, maybe you are simply reassessing what you want in a potential partner or are just concentrating on your own journey. Either way, The World says that there are plenty of opportunities on their way to you. Seven of Wands is about standing your ground. Perhaps some people are challenging your unorthodox plans – fight for what you want.


The Wheel of Fortune indicates that everything is in flux right now, but don’t fear change. If your love life feels unlucky, be assured that better times will roll around once more. However, if everything in your love life is going great, love every minute and don’t take it for granted. Four of Wands is giving you the opportunity to enjoy quality time at home with your partner. If you are dating, create a romantic setting and invite potential partners over. Queen of Swords advises you to be yourself. When you are at home, you feel more like you.


The Star is usually about optimism, so as an obstacle, it signals a lack of faith in your partner or love life in general. It’s hard to keep the faith when your hopes have been dashed, but keep believing, Pisces! Page of Cups indicates that someone has opened their heart to you, but you may be feeling a bit cautious about reciprocating. However, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with someone emotionally. If you are having relationship problems, a third person could offer a new perspective and even help you work together better – just don’t become dependent on others’ opinions.

See you all on Monday 28th June for your career advice reading!

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