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5 of the most positive tarot cards you could hope for

It’s no secret that certain tarot cards have some bad associations. And films and TV shows have not helped with this cliché. Cue a spooky fortune teller in a head scarf and big loop earrings dramatically unveiling The Death card. Dum dum duuum!

The thing is, I don’t think the positive cards get enough press, so here are five of my favourites (there are loads more - believe me) and why you should celebrate when they appear in your spread. After all, we seek out tarot readings to be reassured, not to be bummed out!

1. The Sun

What could have more joyous connotations than the warm and bright, life-bringing, tan-giving sun?

Even if you are new to tarot cards, it’s obvious from the above photo that this is a positive card – whichever deck you choose.

The Sun denotes energy, good health and pure happiness. If you were in any doubt about an issue and wanted a clear decision, this card gives you a definite, "yes!"

2. The Star

It’s time to shine! The Star turns up to reassure you that wishes can come true.

That’s not to say you can rest on your laurels just yet. You still have to pour all your energy into your chosen wish. And if you do, you will certainly be rewarded, so stick on this path.

This card sends a nice big dose of optimism too, so revel in positivity and welcome big opportunities.

3. Three of Cups

Who doesn’t enjoy a party? This card is telling you that you have a chance to let your hair down and socialise, so enjoy!

This is a personal favourite of mine and always reminds me of me and my two besties having a catch up and a very well-needed laugh.

Sometimes it’s about networking in business too. So, if you have a work do coming up, you are going to make some great connections.

4. Nine of Cups

Look at the smug look on this lady on the far left’s face. The phrase, “the cat that got the cream” comes to mind!

This card signals that you have got everything you need to succeed. You are emotionally fulfilled and enjoying every minute.

If you were worried that your dream job/relationship home etc wasn’t going to turn out as well as you’d hoped, think again. If The Star was your present and this card was your future, your tarot spread couldn’t get much better!

5. Ten of Cups

By now, you’ll have noticed that Cup cards are pretty awesome. This suit is about emotional fulfilment, intuition and connecting with others, and the Ten of Cups is no exception.

This card denotes a harmonious time for your family. I mean, of course it does. Have you seen these people dancing and embracing under rainbows?

If some family members haven’t been getting along, there will be a chance to bury the hatchet and enjoy each other’s company soon. Or maybe a new addition to the family is on his/her way?

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