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Does Tarot work? Yes - and here’s how!

People who are new to tarot often ask (sheepishly) how does a tarot reading work? And while that is a big question, let me tell you that they do work but maybe not in the way you’d expect.

Tarot cards have been around since the 1400s and in that time, have picked up quite the sketchy reputation along the way – hence, new clients feeling a little unsure!

Being linked to mysticism and the occult, it’s no surprise that the practice of tarot reading has been viewed as “evil” and even thought of as “the work of the devil.” But this could not be further from the truth as you'll soon see for yourself.

See, tarot decks started out as harmless playing cards in Italy called Tarocchi, which were basically used to play Trumps.

Rolling into the 19th Century, on the plus side they were used as a divination tool by elite guilds, but on the negative side, the working class would sometimes side hustle tarot readings as a way of conning naïve richer folk out of their money.

The latter belief is, sadly, something that is around to this day, thanks to cliché fortune tellers in popular culture, who scare their clients with the Death card and other such doom and pre-destined gloom.

Just to reassure you – you don’t need to worry when the Death card comes your way. It is just a metaphor for a big change. Although, change in itself is not always so scare free!

Fast forward to the present day, and we are just as fascinated by tarot cards as we were 600 years ago. And in some cases, just as afraid, because we fear what we don’t understand.

A few people do say to me, “You’re not going to tell me when I’m going to die, are you?”

Short answer? No! While no one really knows what guides the cards, that’s not the kind of information the cards would volunteer to the majority of readers. Ask them a question about love, career, money or general health however? You'll be sure to get the advice you need.

You don’t have to believe in the supernatural to get something out of the tarot.

I think there is a higher power guiding the cards, or at the very least, I think we unconsciously choose the cards we need.

But ultimately, whatever your finer view on the matter, I want everyone to understand a not-so-publicised view, that tarot cards are essentially more of a counselling tool.

Each card taps into timeless themes and types of people in our lives. They are so relatable and cover so many issues, that they give us a chance to reflect on all kind of problems.

Another thing I want to stress is that the cards give you options. Yes - they can be scarily accurate about your past and present situation, but a good tarot reader will guide you to look at all perspectives and make the right decision for your future.

They should never tell you what you are fated to do or what you should do. If they did, you could just walk away and do what you want to do anyway.

Which is why tarot readings work so well. By looking at your desires, your blockages and how to get around them, and chatting them through with a total stranger, they help us see things clearer and become more in control of our lives.

Are you curious about what your cards might say about you and your current lifestyle? Reach out and say hello and we can take it from there.

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The reading you did for me was so accurate at the time.... I find it so interesting xx

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