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5 Tarot cards that aren’t as bad as they look!

Tarot cards have gained themselves quite the scary reputation over the centuries – and the artwork hasn’t helped!

But it is always important to remember that many names and images on the cards are symbolic of difficult situations and dark feelings.

Yes – it isn’t pleasant to receive these cards in a reading, but there is usually a silver lining. Or at the very least, they can warn you about an upcoming situation or validate the way you have been feeling about something.

And to prove that, here are five cards that aren’t as bad as they look...

1. Death

Let’s just rip the plaster off right away. Yes - the Grim Reaper in this Rider-Waite card on the left is trampling on some guy and the family are all crying, but I promise 99.9% of the time it signals a metaphorical death and rebirth.

Some decks even refer to this card as Rebirth to shift the perspective to the beautiful transformation on the other side. Think of this card as a caterpillar about to fly out of its cocoon as a majestic butterfly.

It signifies a huge change, which could be anything from a career change, to a life-changing shift in perspective. Change, like death, is scary but an exciting new chapter of your life will follow.

2. The Devil

Usually depicted as two naked people chained to a goat-legged fiend, it is easy to see why people are on edge when they see this card – especially if they are religious.

But look at the things The Devil represents; bondage, temptation, vice. These are the themes this card is warning you about. It is asking you, what bad habits are holding me back? What am I overindulging in? What is enjoyable yet causing me harm?

If I had to personify The Devil, he’d be a bad boy in a leather jacket. Irresistible, but ultimately he’s wrong for you - and deep down, you know it!

If you are in denial about a situation, this card is a wake-up call. You may feel powerless, but only you have the key to get out of those shackles.

3. The Tower

So, a huge tower is hit by lightning and people are jumping to their deaths. I’m not gonna lie, something big is going to disrupt your life.

Like Death, a huge change is coming - and it hits you out of nowhere. That’s the scariest part. But as I always say to my clients, "Destruction is the springboard of the universe.” I believe I read that in a Haruki Murakami novel, but it’s so true.

Don’t focus on the loss though. Focus on what new things can be built once you have cleared the rubble of your old job/relationship/insert issue away.

I got this card a lot when I was offered redundancy, but it’s the best thing that could have happened as it gave me the nudge I needed to leave the job I’d been trying to get out of for months. Some blessings are dressed as disasters.

4. Ten of Swords

This card usually features a person who has been stabbed to death by ten swords – do you see a theme emerging?

This is a lot like the Death card, with its themes of death and rebirth. But being a card from the minor arcana, this change is not as huge and all-encompassing.

Notice in the Rider-Waite card on the left how the sky is mostly dark, but there is a glowing horizon? As the old saying goes, “It’s darkest before the dawn” or if you prefer, “It’ll get worse before it gets better.”

The Alchemical Tarot depicts this card with an open book on the ground, symbolic of wisdom. So though this is a difficult time, you will come out of it having learnt an important life lesson.

Interestingly, The Light Seers deck depicts a woman looking to the bright horizon ahead and not at the darkness behind her.

5. Three of Swords

Whether it has swords plunged into it or it is torn into pieces, this card always includes a heart.

You may have discovered a heart-breaking truth, found out you have been cheated on or be involved in a love triangle and are struggling to decide between two lovers.

Let me tell you, when a client let’s their partner sit in on a reading and this comes up, it gets pretty awkward. However, before you start throwing accusations at your husband, it can also signify jealous imaginings too!

The good news is that if you suspect something is wrong with your relationship and you’ve been struggling to work it out, you will soon get to the heart of the matter and be able to sort it out - one way or another.

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