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I had a past life tarot reading and here’s what happened…

One of the best ways to become a better tarot reader and alternative therapist, is to try some for yourself. In this blog series, I review my favourite local spiritual and therapeutic businesses.

This time, I revisit a past life reading I had with Huddersfield-based Past Life Therapist and Hypnotherapist, John Richardson, at White Light Events’ Mind Body Spirit & Wellbeing Festival in March 2019.

"You've been around a few times!" The man across the table exclaimed.

"Oh, really?" I beamed. In most cases, such a statement would fill a woman with outrage. But not this time.

No - this wasn't a Tinder date. I was at White Light Events’ annual Mind Body and Soul Fair at Elsecar Heritage Centre, having a past life reading. After window shopping the many psychics and mediums, with their head shots pasted on clichéd cloudy-skied backgrounds, my seasoned spiritual companion, Julie, recommended John Richardson.

As soon as I met John, I was put at ease. Well, as relaxed as you can be before a psychic rummages through your head and finds out what you got up to in your past life.

“I’ve got time now, if you’d like to take a seat,” he said in a down-to-earth Yorkshire accent, with a smile.

John is a Master Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Therapist and Healer at Soul 2 Soul Past Life Regression, based in Huddersfield. John always knew he wasn’t quite ‘normal’. He grew up watching his Grandfather, J.A Laundon, conduct Spiritual Healing on people.

Under the mentorship of his Grandfather, as well as his Great Aunt Ida Pimm, he became a lifelong student of spiritual and psychic development, completing many courses, attending circles at many Spiritualist Churches and completing a number of training days at the prestigious Arthur Findley College.

John is also a Practicing Holistic Hypnotherapist and is the founder of The Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy, Coaching & Counselling.

Photo credit: White Light Events

Richard spread two decks across the table. One was a standard tarot deck, and the other was designed by John. The deck by John was for a past life reading and the other represented my current life.

“So the life before this one, and that’s usually the one that has the most influence, there was a massive pagan or druid connection. Are you vegan?”

Funnily enough, I had recently tried out a psychic development class in Chesterfield (a story for another time!) and two psychics-in-training had also told me I had pagan heritage. I’m vegetarian, but close enough…

“I believe you’ve always been spiritual and your psychic ability runs right through your past lives,” he continued. “But I don’t feel in this life you’re doing as much with it as you could be.”

He was probably right – although I had been doing reiki and tarot on the side, I hardly ever meditated or acknowledged the existence of angels, spirit guides and so on.

“I feel that in your past life you lived in a druid community so community is really important to you. In that life I don’t think children were involved, but in the life before children were involved but you were the man. And I feel that you were born female, male, female so you have a really round perspective of life.

“You haven’t always been good…”

“Here we go…” I thought.

“I don’t feel you carry any karmic debt though. I feel that your bad bits were out of necessity. So, you’ve stolen when you’ve had to, not for greed, but to survive. But the nice thing about it, love, is you’re a fighter.”

Phew – dodged that karmic bullet!

“What I’m getting most strongly is the psychic ability and that you don’t let people see who you really are. Since you left your mother in your past life, you’re an independent person. You’re not good at asking for help.”

Flash back to when I had a procedure and was meant to stay off my leg for 24 hours, and though my parents offered to carry me up the stairs and my boyfriend offered to cook, my fierce need to be independent wouldn’t even allow that.

“You’re a very old soul,” he concluded. “You know you’ve had lives on other planets too?”

“What?!” I yelped in surprise.

I mean, I was a pretty spaced out kid. Maybe when Uncle Nick teased me and called me ‘Space Cadet’, he had a point!

Then it was time to look more deeply at my present life.

“I think whatever you do spiritually will be successful, but you need to turn it up a notch because you are dragging your feet a bit. I do feel, at the moment, you’re a bit lost.”

It was true. I was at a crossroads in my career. I was floating between temp jobs and my role at the time bored me.

“You have to be passionate about what you do, or you’ll never really be happy. Healthwise, I’m not worried about you. You’ve got a beautiful aura. You’re going in the right direction, but you need more focus.”

John touched on his mediumship skills too. He asked if there was someone who had passed on my mum’s side, with the initial M. At the time, I had no idea. But in hindsight, it could have been my Great Aunt Marie.

Before I left, I asked when this past life was. He reckoned he was looking at late-1800s and into the 1900s.

So weirdly, I had already had a past life regression session with my friend and Hypnotherapist, Shauna Naylor, and this was the period I had gone to. Maybe there was something in this…

While it’s difficult to verify what happened in another life I can’t recall, the themes he touched on echoed the ones in my current life. Call them coincidences, but when you’ve had as many as me, it’s hard not to join the dots.

Perhaps I’ll arrange a past life hypnotherapy session with John to delve deeper, once this pandemic blows over!

To find out more about John Richardson’s spiritual services, visit his website. To find out more about his hypnotherapy services, visit Feel Better Fast.

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